6 Steps to Creating Viral Web Design Content

Creating viral content is a highly sought out goal however this is usually a tall order. There is no precise formula for creating viral web content but the following are a few tips that might lure viewers to tune-in:

1. Multimedia Helps. Content that contains great length can lose the viewers interest due to it being boring. If there is a video, diagram or image that can illustrate your point and take up less space on the page, take advantage of that piece of multimedia. Sometimes a visual indicator is better understood by viewers than a bunch of words.

2. Make Your Keywords Count. Keywords are called key for a reason. It is very important to target your keywords to ensure that you are attracting viewers. Take advantage of internet search engines and perform some searches on your topic. You may be surprised that the keywords are different than what you originally planned to use.

3. Make Friends On Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter offer many opportunities for viral web content. These two sites are not an easy solution though. You will need to invest time in building up a network. It is a great opportunity for you to be active and read Tweets by others in your category. Re-Tweeting information of interest is a great show of participation and will build your social media reputation.

4. Use Persuasive Titles. A compelling and persuasive title can make or break your viral web content. Choosing your title carefully is vital so spend some time thinking of catchy words to reel your viewers in. First impressions are what determines if readers will want to continue with the rest of your content.

5. Make It Easy To Share. If a reader is pleased with what he/she has read on your website, make it easy to share on various social medias by providing buttons for important services such as Facebook and Twitter. Include a link for email and a print button. There are many ways to share your information so make it easy for the viewers. You can even request in your content to the viewers that if they like what they see to share it on Facebook or Twitter. You may be pleasantly surprised that it could catch on.

6. Timing Must Be Precise. If you are writing about a hot topic, make sure you have your timing down. Release your information regarding your hot topic at the right time of day where you will attract the most viewers. Your information may create a buzz worthy of a debate.

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Top 5 Most Influential Websites of 2011

Word of mouth advertising has long been perceived as the epitome of marketing success. When dealing with the Internet, word of mouth advertising has been replaced by viral marketing, where content on your website such as pictures or video gets passed around through friend-shares, website links, and other means. Within a relatively short period of time, the Internet becomes your stage and everyone who is anyone is familiar with your work.

Going viral’ is something websites strive for these days. In order to accomplish this feat online, it depends on which sites your site content is featured. There are a wide range of websites that can trigger material to go viral but we’ve compiled a list here of the top 5 sites which have the highest potential of taking your content to a world-wide audience

From celebrities to the stay-at-home mom, people now have the capability for making themselves, their products, or their services a household name. Here are the top 5 most influential viral websites currently online:

1. BuzzFeed

This website has grown astronomically and now maintains actual formulas for becoming viral. BuzzFeed is the leader in making site content get around the web fast. The site features stories, lists, photos, videos, and more that are considered buzzworthy.

2. Gawker

Gawker has trademarked their tagline as ‘the most important site on The Whole Internet™ and it statistics speak for themselves. Gawker covers everything from the latest news to pop culture fascination.

3. Huffington Post

Huffington Post, the leader in Internet news, has come a long way. They now specialise in features like Top 10 lists, epic failures, photo galleries, and of course, the latest and greatest viral videos.

4. YouTube

The most popular DIY video channel features videos by everyone from the average Joe to the phenomenon Justin Beiber. Videos can be viewed by multiple criteria and viewer feedback can boost videos into the web stratosphere.

5. Mashable

The leading go-to blog for everyone from industry bigwigs to co-workers in your office who want to be in-the-know about social media happenings and all- things-Internet. Getting material featured on the Mashable site may take some time as they are not known as being quick to highlight virals but once your content makes it on the site, be assured you’re in.

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