Web Developer Versions of Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer was once the reigning browser on the Internet, with a 90 percent share of the market, it has fallen so far out of favor that less than 10 percent of all Internet users browse the Web with it. In fact, Microsoft itself is encouraging users to stop using the most commonly used […]

Proprietary CMS vs Open Source CMS

When designing a new website, web designers have their choice between many available open-source content management systems and proprietary content management systems. Using a CMS is a vital part of creating a website, and both proprietary and open-source CMS can be used to create a healthy, functioning website for virtually any use. The CMS is […]

Website Design: Advertising Business Models

Advertising has taken on new forms with the invention of the Internet. The amount of information available on the Internet is growing rapidly. When web developing an advertising business model, it is important to understand the needs of the business in order to target advertising to the right groups. It is necessary to understand the […]

Profitable Website Business Models

A business model is a method of doing business, and how a company generates a profit – whether the business is a retail store, a restaurant, or a doctor’s office. All industries and businesses have some sort of business model they use to create income. A website business model is a phrase used to describe […]