Google Android Market Share Just Below 15%

Summary: In 2011, Google Android accounts for 14.89% of the global mobile OS market. Apple has the number one spot with 51.95%. Java comes in at number two with 22.00%. Blackberry has 3.29% and Windows has 0.69%.

The most popular Android phone at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S2.

We are mindful of mobile web users when we design websites. With mobile users making up an ever increasing percentage of the market, growing exponentially year on year, we make it our business to understand what devices people are using and how best to use our web development skills to turns users into customers.

The country with the highest Google Android usage is South Korea with 52.7%. Australia has 8.0%, United States has 29.2% and United Kingdom has 11.9%. The country with the lowest web search usage is Central African Republic with 0.0%.

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* The data is from 1 January 2011 until 1 October 2011 and was sourced from Wikipedia and NetMarketShare.

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