Christmas Web Design and Email Marketing

2011 has been a great year for our design team, and we’re grateful to all of our clients for our continued growth.

As Christmas draws near, we’d love to share what we’re thankful for in the world of web design and email marketing. Websites and Web marketing are so successful because of the great strides in Web technology over the past few years. Here’s what we’re grateful for this Christmas:

1. Stable Internet connections: Remember the good ‘ol days of dial-up Internet that crashed every half an hour? You may have spent a Christmas or two trying to get connected while listening to that dial-up sound over and over again. Those were dark days for Web developers. We’re grateful that they’re over.

2. An end to the glittery websites of Christmases past: All of the mouse chasers, flashing glittery banners and loud music that made websites so annoying 10 years ago are no longer around. There are no more virtual cats to chase your cursor around the screen. We’ll always be thankful for that.

3. A truly international Internet: Until a few years ago, the Internet was mostly made up of people in a handful of countries. These days, our clients can be anyone, anywhere in the world. Even if you’re in an Antarctic research station, we can help you with your website.

4. Everyone is wired: Remember when you had to ask someone if they had an email address? And even if they had one, they might only check it once a month. If this were Christmas of 1998, email marketing wouldn’t have nearly the reach that it does now. We’re grateful that everyone is plugged into their email and that your marketing can get to anyone, anywhere with such reliability.

5. That Nigerian prince finally got his money: We’d been worried that he’d never find someone to help him get his family’s millions, but apparently he finally has. Whoever it is, enjoy the millions you got as your reward!

6. Meeting new challenges: With the fast pace of Internet technology, we get to take on amazing new challenges every day. Just five years ago imagine asking for someone to create a website and to optimize it so that customers could see easily see it on their phones. In another year or two, what will we be developing for clients? We are grateful that so many amazing developments have come along to keep Web design and marketing on the forefront of new technology. Maybe someday we’ll be developing sites that have special features when you’re sitting in a Martian crater.

7. Our clients: We’re grateful to everyone who has trusted us to deliver the best Web services for their needs and to get their businesses out there in front of the public. Have a great Christmas!

Published by Mitch Fraser

Mitch Fraser is currently the director of two successful Australian companies that provide time and money saving solutions for their customers: Tomorrow Finance and Drawstring. At Tomorrow Finance, Mitch helps people find the cheapest home loan products to bring Tomorrow's dream into today; while at his web development company, Drawstring, Mitch focuses on the outcomes for his clients by taking the time to understand each client's business and unique situation while maximising their return on investment. Mitch obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computing Science and Diploma in Information Technology and Professional practice with first class honours, from The University of Technology, Sydney, in 2005.

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