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Drupal is a content management system that has an open source and is free to use. It is written in the scripting language PHP and is used for about 1.5 percent of the websites currently available. These websites range from small blogs to large and complex government sites. The White House uses Drupal web design for its official website.

Drupal uses standard CMS features to allow for maintenance, RSS feeds, user registration, system administration functions and page layout among other functions. The code can be customized to be used as a blog, as a standard website, as a site for user-generated works and for Web forums. The system is called a content management framework because it has a modular design and an extensive array of plugins.

Drupal Modules

The addons that are used with Drupal are additions that are create for the community and distributed for free. These modules, nicknamed “contrib” modules, are available by the thousands. They can change the capabilities of a website, give it new features, change the way a site looks and alter the way it behaves.

The Benefits of Drupal

As with any CMS, there are a number of benefits to using the Drupal CMS. The programming interface is a dual system that allows for a high level of sophisticated customization by Web developers as well as a basic interface that allows anyone, even without programming skills, to install a website and to run it efficiently. This makes it easy for non-programmers to keep a site running after it has been customized by a designer. As long as the user knows how to use a basic Web browser, that user can run a Drupal-designed website.

The module addons are another major benefit to using Drupal Web design. With more than 11,000 of these to choose from, a site owner or designer can find exactly what they are looking for without having to design their own addon. These modules allow for virtually any type of website to be created with this CMS. There are even modules that make search engine optimization quicker and easier, making the SEO process easier for the owner.

The addons also allow for fast updating of the website without disturbing the rest of the site’s architecture. Adding a new feature requires adding a quick module instead of a complete rewrite of the site’s coding. This allows owners to change things around as they choose and to take out items that they no longer need without a lengthy site maintenance period.

Like WordPress, Drupal has thousands of free themes available for users. These are quick and easy design templates that can be changed out at any time without creating any changes in the site’s content. These themes can be further customized to create unique designs for your website that aren’t in use by any other site.

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