Web Developer: Infomediary Web Business Model

Identifying a website business model is a key component to marketing any business. Gathering and analysing consumer information is also a fundamental component of a business plan. Marketers, advertisers and industries attach great importance to collecting information about consumers, either specifically or generally, as a means to growing a business.

From a consumer standpoint, sharing personal information with marketers can be dangerous. Given this, businesses and consumers have to be conscientious of the fact that gathering information can be a delicate and dangerous matter regardless of the benefits of the outcome. What consumers may not realise is that this demographic information is so important to some web businesses that they may be able to profit from sharing their personal data. An infomediary business model works on behalf of the consumer and benefits both the consumer and the business.

The infomediary business functions on the premise that personal information is owned by the individual not by the party or person that is gathering it, regardless of the purpose for it. The infomediary model serves as an information mediator between the information owner and the information gatherer. This model helps consumers manage the information marketers and advertisers gathered about them. The web design model also acknowledges that the consumers should and can profit from the information they are sharing and acts as an agent to making that possible.

Published by Mitch Fraser

Mitch Fraser is currently the director of two successful Australian companies that provide time and money saving solutions for their customers: Tomorrow Finance and Drawstring. At Tomorrow Finance, Mitch helps people find the cheapest home loan products to bring Tomorrow's dream into today; while at his web development company, Drawstring, Mitch focuses on the outcomes for his clients by taking the time to understand each client's business and unique situation while maximising their return on investment. Mitch obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computing Science and Diploma in Information Technology and Professional practice with first class honours, from The University of Technology, Sydney, in 2005.

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